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When we say, "Man Up"—What does that REALLY Mean?

The term "man-up" has many different meanings in our society today. If for the meaning you look to Hollywood, the mainstream media, pornography and many of the role models we were raised with, there's a LOT of confusion and contradiction! It's NOT the "macho–sexual prowess" stereotype the world tends to extol and promote!

A man's True Strength has NOTHING to do with him being free of weaknesses! On the contrary, it has EVERYTHING to do with his willingness to VULNERABLY be honest about and face his weaknesses. A "real" man owns his weaknesses and flaws and learns how to move THROUGH them to become stronger. Manning up is all about consistently and progressively stepping into one's HIGHEST and BEST self as a man.

In their PBSE Podcast, Mark and Steve get super honest about their own paths of learning how to truly "man-up." While they're still very much progressing on this path, their insights may help you on your journey to becoming your highest and best self! And if pornography addiction is holding you back from traveling this path, you'll learning HOW to start moving forward!

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