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Mend Your Marriage

from the Devastation of Infidelity:

Video Transcript 

We KNOW the Devastation of

Sexual Addiction & Betrayal Trauma!

My wife and I know the devastation that porn addiction and sex addiction and betrayal trauma bring to a marriage. There are times when the burdens get so heavy you’re tempted to call it quits and go your separate ways. If you have doubts and fears about the future of your marriage, you’re not alone. As frightening and hopeless as the journey might seem, take comfort in the success of those of us who have been where you are now. 

There is GREAT Hope!

There’s great hope for all couples, no matter how severe or long-lasting the addiction or how broken the relationship. There is a path to forgiveness, reconciliation and lasting happiness together. It will not be easy; in fact, it may be the hardest thing you will ever do together. The encouraging thing is, many of us have done it and so can you. You CAN heal your marriage relationship. The question is: How? Here are a few things we’ve learned—


HOW Can You Heal Your

Marriage Relationship?

First, we learned that we couldn’t mend our marriage without Divine help. It was just too big and too heavy for us to bear alone. We learned how to partner with our Savior Jesus Christ and keep Him at the center of our relationship.


Next, we had to face the fact that we couldn’t come together to heal our marriage until we were both willing to travel our own individual paths of healing. Addiction and betrayal trauma can’t co-exist with true intimacy and real connection. We each embraced our own healing journeys and then it was much more doable to heal as a couple.


Get Outside Help and See

Each Other Through "Spiritual Glasses"

We realized that while there were many good things about our relationship, there was also a lot of pain and negative history. Every time we tried to work things out on our own, all that baggage would come flooding in and things would always fall apart. We had to seek outside help from professionals and other couples who had been through the fiery furnace.  


We also learned how easy it is to get caught up in a downward spiral and see each other through a negative lens. We asked God to help us put on our “spiritual glasses” and see each other as He sees us—our truest, highest selves and our wonderful potential.


NOT Easy, But Entirely Possible!

Now we’re definitely not trying to paint some rosy picture and tell you it will be easy. It won’t. But, we can tell you by long experience that there is every hope and expectation for a man to fully overcome porn addiction, a woman’s complete healing from betrayal trauma, and the mending of your marriage relationship. It will take time, patience and consistent effort, but it is entirely possible.


After 39 years of marriage my wife and I can tell you that our journey together has created an unbreakable bond of love, loyalty, real intimacy and trust! And over the years, we’ve helped many couples repair and restore their relationships. If we can do it, you can do it! Contact us through the website and let's talk about it!

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