Intensive Recovery Program in Sandy, Utah

If you live along the Wasatch Front, this is a highly effective, intensive recovery program. It helps men break permanently free from pornography and sexual addiction

and guides women on the path of healing from betrayal trauma

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Mark describes HOW and WHY his program works to help you overcome porn addiction & sex addiction, heal betrayal trauma and mend your marriage relationship. 

Program Essentials

Weekly Men's Group Counseling to help you break permanently free from pornography & sexual addiction

Weekly Women's Group Counseling to support and guide you in the healing of Betrayal Trauma.  

Uncover and heal the deep core issues that drive addiction, betrayal trauma and marital discord.

24/7 access to specialized online training and resources personally authored by Mark.

Knowledge, tools and skills that WORK in real life—20 years of testing and proving in the trenches.

Holistic treatment that helps you in all areas: mental, emotional, spiritual and relational.

Daily professional support and accountability because once-a-week counseling is NOT enough.

Daily support from men and women who are facing challenges similar to yours.