Two Latter Day Saint Counelors share their personal Triumph over sexual addiction and a path to freedom.


  • A raw and honest discussion about WHY Latter Day Saint men can often struggle so desperately with pornography.

  • Written by addicts in successful recovery—for those seeking recovery.

  • Based on more than two decades of work with Latter Day Saint men and women in Utah, the U.S. and many parts of the world. 

  • A unique and powerful blend of clinical and personal recovery experience, written especially for those who have tried to break free but keep falling back into addiction.

"Steve and Mark have given the LDS community a great gift in sharing both their personal experience and their knowledge gleaned from helping many others over the years find peace. At a time when too many men surrender to the lie that pornography addiction will be their lifelong companion, Steve and Mark tell their powerful stories, share their perceptive insights, and outline the path to both freedom and wholeness for all who are willing to find and walk the road to recovery."  
Donald L. Hilton Jr, MD, Neurosurgeon, author of He Restoreth My Soul