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Porn Addiction Help in Utah

If you or someone you care about is hopelessly shackled in the chains of pornography addiction, Reclaim Counseling Services can help! We KNOW how to help because we’ve been where you are. We’re counselors in successful long-term recovery from our own addictions and for nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping people in Utah overcome porn addiction.


Is Pornography Addiction a Real Thing?

Many psychologists today claim there is no such thing as pornography addiction because it’s not on their official list of mental disorders. But for those of us who personally know pornography’s devastating effects, there is NO question about its overwhelmingly addictive nature! Men, women and teens of all ages are manifesting the same addiction symptoms as “officially” recognized addictions such as drugs, alcohol and gambling.


The great challenge with pornography addiction in Utah and throughout the world, is that it “seems” like harmless recreation in the moment, yet it sets in motion a host of long-term, serious consequences for individuals, couples and families. Pornography “rewires” the brain creating a mindset where the addict indulges in pornography regardless of the circumstances, situation or consequences—which can go far beyond the simple embarrassment of getting caught viewing images. Porn addicts have sacrificed their self-esteem, reputations, marriages, careers, families and even their freedom when legal consequences come into play.


What Exactly IS Pornography Addiction?

An addiction to pornography is a form of sexual addiction. While there are a plethora of opinions and definitions surrounding pornography and addiction, for those of us who have experienced and recovered from the addiction and helped many do the same, the definition is simple:  “Pornography addiction is a preoccupation or obsession with sexualized images, repeated over and over, causing significant problems in the user’s life and relationships, but he or she cannot stop regardless of the negative consequences.”


Porn addiction is similar to any other type of addiction. It starts with an intensely stimulating experience which causes the brain to release a flood of feel-good chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. The individual quickly discovers that this “feel-good-chemical-flood” can easily and instantly provide an escape and soothing from the stress and pressures life. Porn can quickly become a preferred drug-of-choice and method for self-medication. This is why we say, “Pornography use is substance abuse.”


Once the brain identifies pornography viewing as it’s go-to-place to cope with life, the individual quickly develops a dependency and then a full-blown addiction. And just as with other addictions, when the individual tries to stop, they experience various kinds of withdrawal symptoms including irritability, anxiety, depression and other forms of mental, emotional and physical “lows.”


Unfortunately, porn is all-too-easy to access and indulge in. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that's inexpensive or free and instantly available on nearly every type of medial. However, contrary to previous reports and so-called research, Utah does NOT have higher rates of pornography consumptiothan the rest of the U.S. However, we here in Utah do care a great deal about engaging in behaviors that are not in harmony with our highest and truest selves. Before an individual really knows what’s happening, he or she can become hopelessly trapped in a porn-viewing habit that is in direct conflict with their more cherished values, beliefs and relationships. This often leads to anger, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and a host of other emotional struggles—which then often lead the individual to escape and self-medicate with the very thing creating the problem in the first place! The individual’s life becomes like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


How Do I Know if I Have a Pornography Addiction?

How do you know if you're addicted to porn? Consider the following questions—


  1. Does your porn use feel out of your control?

  2. Do you have trouble controlling when you will look at porn and limiting the time you spend? Have you made unsuccessful attempts to quit?

  3. Do you feel anger or irritability if you are confronted about your porn use or asked to stop?

  4. Do you feel like there is another person or force inside of you driving you to pornography?

  5. Do you keep using porn despite negative consequences

  6. Do you “get lost” in porn use-lose track of time; spend more time than intended; neglect work, school, relationships and other responsibilities.

  7. Does pornography consume your thinking? When you’re not viewing it, do you think about it and anticipate when you will indulge again?

  8. Is your porn use in conflict with your values and beliefs? Do you feel guilt, shame, remorse, empty and/or depressed after viewing porn?

  9. Do you keep your porn use a secret and fear that others might find out?

  10. Have you ever promised yourself that you would never use pornography again?


As you read the questions, if you or someone you love would answer “yes” to more than one or two, there is a strong probability of a pornography addiction. This addiction can be overwhelmingly powerful and easily lead to a place of complete frustration, exhaustion and hopelessness. But, we can tell you from personal experience that there IS a way out—a path to a life completely free from pornography use.  


How to Overcome Pornography Addiction

Through our own addiction experiences, and as Counselors working with struggling addicts over the last 20 years, we can tell you that without deliberate steps to get on the path to recovery, addiction only escalates and life becomes increasingly unmanageable over time. In addition, if you or someone you love believes they can conquer this on their own, history is against it. We have yet to find an individual who was able to break free without help.


First, pornography addiction is terribly shaming and isolating. We know of the guilt, shame and fear that accompany this addiction. If you’re like many struggling under the weight of this heavy burden, “going public” with your porn use and telling a spouse, parent, family, friends or others may be “unthinkable.” This is why we created Reclaim Counseling Services—a safe place with professionals who’ve been in the dark pit of addiction—a place to come and get started on your recovery journey.


Second, while it’s true that pornography addiction can be very serious and extremely difficult to overcome, there are long-tested, proven principles and tools that WORK! These include The Brain Science of Change; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Mastering Your Own Mind; Healing the Core Causes that Feed Addiction; Learning Connection and True Intimacy; Letting Go of Toxic Shame; Drawing Upon the Enabling Power of Grace, just to name a few. We’ve made all the recovery mistakes so you don’t have to! We suffered from some of the most severe addictions we know of and have been porn-free for many years. As Counselors we’ve helped many who had “tried everything” and were beyond hope, to find complete freedom! If we and they can do it, so can you!


Reclaim Counseling Services, Utah:

Your Partner in Pornography Addiction Recovery

If you are someone you love is struggling with an addiction to porn, we’ve been where you are now! We know how to help you get your life, peace, happiness, most cherished relationships and future back! So, what are you waiting for? We’re here, ready to help you begin the process of breaking free. Contact us and take the first step out of the shadows and into the light of a bright future completely free from pornography!

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