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Mark B. Kastleman, BCC, BCPC


Mark Kastleman is a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain, and Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, with a specialty in addiction recovery, behavior change and relationship repair. For the last 24 years, Mark has focused on providing hope and a path of healing for: men battling with pornography and sexual addiction; women who bear the heavy burden of betrayal trauma; and couples striving to save their marriages. 

In successful long-term recovery from his own struggles with sexual addiction, Mark has a deep empathy and understanding for his clients. After more than 40 years of marriage, Mark and his wife Ladawn know the personal heartache and fallout of addiction and what it takes for both spouses to heal and successfully move forward together.


Mark’s bestseller, The Drug of the New Millennium—The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use, has been published in four languages and is widely cited and utilized by therapists, counselors and clergy. Mark has co-authored a new book, The Pornography Paradox: Why Good Christian Men Can Become Trapped in Pornography and Sexual Addiction—and How to Break Free. (available on

In 2007, Mark and his team of neuroscientists and psychologists created the online recovery education and support service—Candé Through Candéo, Mark enjoyed the privilege of teaching and mentoring individuals in more than 85 countries in their struggles with pornography and sexual addiction.

As a professional speaker and trainer, Mark has presented to universities, government agencies, medical and mental health professionals, the U.S. military and religious organizations across America and in many parts of the world.

Mark is co-host of the popular weekly podcast, Porn, Betrayal, Sex & the Experts. PBSE has tens of thousands of monthly listeners spread across more than 190 countries worldwide ( Mark is also co-founder of the revolutionary online recovery support and betrayal trauma healing program "Dare to Connect" (  

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