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Forget "New Year's Resolutions"--they DON'T work!!! Try this instead.

Can you believe it—we're already into the first week of 2021! And how many of us have engaged in that old, traditional pastime of New Year's Resolutions? The crazy thing is, by the end of January, many people will already be right back in their old habits!

Instead of engaging in something that doesn't work, this year TAKE A DIFFERENT approach! One that will bring you LASTING change. This is especially true if one of your BIG goals for 2021 is to break free from porn addiction or begin healing from betrayal trauma. Wondering why these goals may have failed in the past?

- We often confuse the novelty and excitement of goals in the New Year as sufficient energy to carry us through the long-haul of lasting change. Novelty and excitement do NOT = true commitment!

- The energy of a New Year's Resolution is only TEMPORARY—the brain cannot sustain this energy and it quickly tires out.

- It's NOT goals that break us out of porn addiction or any other unwanted behavior--it's CONSISTENT DAILY SYSTEMS!

- One KEY tactic to achieve lasting change is "piggybacking"—linking your desired changes to things you ALREADY do in your daily life.

- There is a FORMULA for true, lasting change in 2021--and it's NOT the old "New Year's Resolution."

In this PBSE Podcast, Mark and Steve talk raw and open about HOW to achieve real, lasting change this year—

Wondering if your marriage can survive porn and sex addiction? This article will give you some hope— How can you "heal" your marriage relationship?—



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