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Engage in Difficult Conversations to Enjoy TRUE CONNECTION!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Contrary to popular beliefs, our most difficult conversations can be the MOST CONNECTING if we can learn HOW to use some simple principles and tools. Even super hard conversations about Porn Addiction, Betrayal Trauma or your Marriage being in jeopardy CAN bring us together.

- Why do we AVOID difficult or uncomfortable conversations?

- Where did we learn our current conversation tactics (family culture, spiritual culture, personality styles, gender roles, etc) and what are they (avoidance, aggression, making it about right vs wrong, fortune telling, mind-reading, victimization, rescuing)?

- How do we engage in “Connecting Conversations” that are also HARD?

  • What is your attitude? (Is this conversations Misery or Opportunity?)

  • Seek dialogue thru emotions and feelings, not facts.

  • Be a "Curious Inquirer."

  • Focus on the "present." If the past or future are discussed, it should be done "vulnerably."

  • Can we provide a safe place for each other to discuss?

  • Are you willing to walk away (take a break) if things become toxic (boundaries)?

  • Throughout the conversation, constantly ask yourself—IS THIS DISCUSSION COLLABORATIVE?

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