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Two Therapists Who Made ALL the Marriage Mistakes so YOU Don’t Have to! (Part One)

Just because we're therapists, doesn't mean we've always been desirable marriage partners! In our deep addiction years we made just about every MARRIAGE MISTAKE you can name! Now we offer YOU the opportunity to LEARN from our MISTAKES!

If we could go BACK in TIME to our engagements and the early to mid years of our marriage relationships, HERE'S WHAT WE WOULD DO DIFFERENT—

  • During our dating and engagements, would would've been vulnerable, open and TRANSPARENT—allowing our future spouse to SEE the REAL "man behind the mask and facade"--so she could actually KNOW who she was about to marry.

  • We would've let go of the immature, "MACHO" attitude of having to "handle things ourselves," and "go it alone" (excuses). Instead we would've been open, raw and sought qualified professional help much SOONER!

  • We would've DARED to "dig below the surface" and ADMIT what was really underneath our moods of ANGER, SILENCE, INTIMIDATION and other CONTROL and AVOIDANCE strategies. We would've been ready and willing to discovery and address the REAL issues and REAL traumas.

  • We would've been less preoccupied with desperately trying to act in the role of the "knight-in-shining-armor" and "always be strong" and "always be right." Instead we would've been open to accepting that it's OK to make mistakes, ADMIT and OWN them!

  • And we would've put in the PRACTICE to become "comfortable with the uncomfortable" in our marriage relationship—embracing the TOUGH CONVERSATIONS and the COLLABORATIVE CONFLICT!

Below is the PBSE Podcast where Mark and Steve get RAW and REAL about their marriage mistakes and what they would do different—

Visit the PBSE website at:

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