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Sometimes You Have to "Lie" in Recovery and Healing—Right?

Have you noticed in this world of ours that "truth" is becoming ever more rare? Honesty as a virtue continues to shrivel and shrink. Many in the world of politics, news, advertising, sales and the media consider "truth" to be relative, situational, interpretive or even unimportant!

But what about "truth" when it comes to addiction, betrayal trauma, recovery and healing? Here are some questions to ponder—

  • Is ALWAYS telling the WHOLE truth really the BEST policy?

  • What precisely IS the "truth" as it pertains to the complexity and nuances of recovery and healing?

  • Is taking a position of TOTAL TRUTH and transparency really that important to a relationship that is authentically "intimate"?

  • Should we tell and embrace the truth at ALL costs? Is that the most intelligent and healthy approach?

  • In a marriage relationship, what is THE most important truth to be shared?

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