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Say NO to the "Sexual Beast" in Marriage and Embrace TRUE Intimacy!

We have all grown up in a "sexualized culture" where "lust-based-sex" has become "the norm" and even expected in many marriage relationships! One woman described her husband when he approaches her from a lust-based mindset as being "the beast." She expressed how his attitude, demeanor and behaviors in this state has "broken down my trust in him and his motivations."

She also described how his lust/bod-parts/sex-act-focused attitude towards her has caused me to "recoil from his touch because I don't know if I am triggering the "beast." "His hyper-sexual needs have led me to be disgusted by his touch and causes me to want to avoid both it and him."

This is a very raw, honest and tragic sharing of feelings! Yet, in our physical-sex-act-obsessed culture with its positions, toys and continual "pushing of the envelope," this kind of experience in too many marriage relationships has become commonplace. What has been progressively LOST is the subtle and beautiful art of TRUE Intimacy.

Lust-based sex destroys trust, creates DISCONNECTION and turns people into objects. True intimacy on the other hand, brings CONNECTION, closeness, increases trust and transports the "holistic" sexual relationship into a place of wholeness, beauty, emotional "oneness" and even spirituality that lust-based sex will NEVER know!

In this podcast episode, Mark and Steve get raw and real about the differences between LUST and INTIMACY in marriage and HOW to grow closer, more bonded, more trusting and more "one," than ever before!

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