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Is Sex in Your Marriage "Healthy" or "Toxic"?

Have you ever honestly, transparently asked yourself (or your spouse)—"Is our sexual relationship healthy or toxic"? Amazingly, this is a topic that is not often talked about in a raw and real way among couples. Here are some questions and insights that might be helpful as you DARE to explore this important part of your marriage relationship—

  • What are the main differences between a healthy, connecting sex drive in marriage and a focus on lust and fantasy?

  • Do you realize that you can trigger either an "addiction cycle" or a "connection cycle" in your sexual relationship as a couple? How can you discern the differences and CHOOSE the one you want most?

  • In marriage, you can have a "healthy attraction" or a "lust attraction." How can you know which is which and why does it matter?

  • You may not realize it, but "lust" can become a "poison" in the bedroom.

  • If you truly desire to experience "healthy" physical intimacy, then INTENTION IS EVERYTHING!

  • If you want "great sex" in the bedroom, then you MUST focus on what happens outside that setting—it's all about WHAT YOU BRING WITH YOU!

  • Haver you ever had "the talk" as a couple? In other words, have you ever engaged in a totally raw, open and real discussion about your sexual relationship?

Here's a podcast where Mark and Steve talk openly about "healthy sex" vs. "toxic sex" in marriage and HOW to have the relationship you desire most—

What is the difference between "True Intimacy" and "sex" in a marriage relationship?— Wondering if your marriage can survive porn and sex addiction? This article will give you some hope— How can you "heal" your marriage relationship?— Ready to STOP Keeping Secrets in your marriage?—



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