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Give God a Place at Your Marriage Table

From my own personal marriage experience and working with couples over several decades, when you find a way to TRULY invite God into your individual and married lives, you have a FAR better chance of being happy, connected and successful together.

Yet, in the midst of addiction and betrayal trauma, this can be easier said than done! Here are some insights that might help—

  • Addiction and betrayal can easily create a kind of "God-trauma" for each spouse individually and for the marriage. As individuals and as a couple, you need to travel a path of healing your relationship with God.

  • You each bring your own personal experience with God to your marriage relationship. Are you willing to be flexible and open with each other in building on your past experience, or will you be rigid and immoveable?

  • Are you willing as a couple to be vulnerable about what may NOT be working with regard to God in your marriage and be open to new approaches to your spirituality?

  • Plan out a spiritual direction, but help each other grow and evolve in ways you may not have foreseen or planned.

  • You can learn to engage daily in one of the MOST powerful tools for creating deep couple connection—Couple's Prayer!

Here's a recent podcast episode with Mark and Steve to help you give God a place at your marriage table

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