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Step Outside "Your Coronavirus Brain" and TAKE CHARGE!

Amidst all the "Corona-Chaos" a LOT of people around the world are filled with fear, doubt, panic and even hopelessness. But, those of us who have been through the "hell" of addiction, betrayal trauma and other deep struggles—WE have experience, knowledge and tools that the world desperately needs right now!

Even though you may feel very unqualified to help during this crisis, I submit that you know more than you think, and have more to offer than you might imagine! Because of your addiction, betrayal trauma and recovery efforts, YOU are UNIQUELY equipped to step up and into the role of a Servant–Leader"--someone who can "keep your head" and help others do the same!

For example:

  • YOU have learned through recovery that you are NOT your brain! The TRUE ETERNAL YOU has the ability to step back and OBSERVE the stage of your mind--to WATCH your thoughts without being "sucked in" and falling into "reactive mode."

  • YOU have learned in your own recovery that, "a Feeling is Just a Feeling"—You know that you can be at peace in the most adverse circumstances—you can simply "sit" with your emotions without being carried away--AND you can help others do the same.

  • In addiction and betrayal trauma recovery, we learn that a DAILY SELF-CARE ROUTINE is critical to our success! In the current crisis, the greatest weapon we have against this virus is A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM! And a CRUCIAL step in attaining this is your DAILY SELF-CARE ROUTINE! Make sure you engage in yours and help others see the essential need to do the same--and LEAD by your example!

  • The polar opposite of worry and panic is CONNECTION—with self, others and especially GOD! Where are you in your connection with Him? This is NOT the time to get caught up in "religious/cultural extremes"! Keep your conversations with God as raw, real and authentic as you possibly can--and let the rest go!

  • As you look back on your life, you probably realize that your times of greatest growth and development have come during your time of greatest struggle and trial! YOU KNOW from personal experience how God can make all things work for our good! Because of what you've already been through, you are UNIQUELY equipped to be a SERVANT-LEADER in these tough times! 

So, STEP OUTSIDE your survival–dominated "coronavirus brain" and STEP INTO the role God has prepared you to fill in these perilous times—BE A SERVANT–LEADER!

For more on this topic, listen to the recent PBSE Podcast where Steve Moore and I talk raw and real about HOW to get outside our own brains and be LEADERS during these crazy times!!!

Visit the PBSE website at:

If the chaos and uncertainty of these troubled times are pushing to escape and cope through porn use and masturbation, and you want to OVERCOME THIS ADDICTION, you will find these articles helpful—



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