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In this Scary World, You Need to Practice the "Art of Surrender"!

When things like addiction or betrayal trauma OR the Coronavirus make our world feel OUT OF CONTROL—the natural reaction is for us to INCREASE our sense of CONTROL over our lives! Of course, this is exactly what we DON'T NEED in these uncertain times!!!

Although it sounds like a HUGE contradiction, the thing we need most when we feel OUT OF CONTROL is to PRACTICE THE ART OF SURRENDER! If you want to succeed in these chaotic, crazy times, you have to SURRENDER to WIN! Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

What the fight or flight, survival-focused brain can easily fail to see is that we gain access to our GREATEST POWER by letting go of our control and accessing instead DIVINE POWER! In this podcast, Mark and Steve talk raw and real about HOW to engage in the ART OF SURRENDER when everything in your brain is SHOUTING AT YOU TO DO JUST THE OPPOSITE!

One of the best ways to practice the ART OF SURRENDER in your marriage relationship is to STOP KEEPING SECRETS! For more, check out this article—



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