Healing Betrayal Trauma

A Special Group Healing Program for Women

When, through sexual addiction, one who has promised to honor, cherish, love and respect you betrays you, your world can come crashing down. You may feel as though you “don’t know this man,” wonder if the whole relationship has been a lie, or if you can ever trust him again. Be assured that there is help and healing for you, fully overcoming porn for him, and real hope for a bright future together.

While he is working on his own recovery, it is essential that you receive help and support to heal your "Betrayal Trauma," a very real condition that mirrors in many ways PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This trauma can trigger anger, fear, confusion, anxiety, depression, chronic nightmares, flashbacks, and more.

In a very special weekly group healing program, led by Counselor Tami Taylor (who has experienced many years of her own Betrayal Trauma) you will receive the education, understanding and real-life solutions you need to begin healing:

  • Connect, share and receive support from a female counselor and other women in the group who are experiencing daily challenges similar to yours.​

  • Explore and understand the complex and difficult mix of emotions you face each day.

  • Learn how to use practical, effective strategies and tools that bring relief and healing.

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries, expectations and accountability for your husband and his own recovery path and responsibility. 

  • Openly discuss the raw and real challenges you're facing with your husband's addiction, your marriage relationship, and your Betrayal Trauma, and most importantly, explore real solutions.

  • Learn how to tap into and rely upon the enabling, unconditional love and grace of your Savior to give you the power and hope to keep moving forward---you are NOT alone!

  • Come to know that there is every hope and expectation for your husband's full recovery, and the complete healing and restoration of your relationship. Through fiery trials, you can attain a closeness and bond that cannot be broken. You CAN heal your marriage!

Location:  9160 S. 300 W. Sandy, Suite 13   (Reclaim Conference Room)  

Time:  Wednesday Evenings, 6:30-8:30 pm    

The Next Step:  Counselor Tami Taylor would like to call you and answer any questions that you have. If you are open to receiving her call, please email her, providing your name, phone number and best time to reach you: 

Counselor Tami Taylor's email:  tlynnetaylor@gmail.com