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Online Counseling Program:


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If you don’t live along the Wasatch Front or your schedule and situation prevent you from participating in my local Intensive Program, we can still work together. Through my online counseling program, you can receive my personal help and guidance to overcome porn addiction and sexual addiction, heal betrayal trauma and heal your marriage relationship. Here’s how the program works:


Online Counseling Program Overview

  • All of the knowledge, experience and proven essentials in my Intensive Program are also available to you through online counseling. It’s what my clients and I use every day to keep being successful in our recovery, our healing, our marriages and our lives.

  • In the online program, you have weekly counseling sessions with me personally. If you’re married, these sessions follow a 4-week cycle. Week’s one and three focus on the husband and his recovery path. Week two’s session is dedicated to the spouse and helping her heal from betrayal trauma. And week four is a couple’s counseling session. If you’re single, individual counseling sessions are held each week.

  • While weekly counseling and support is very important, by itself it’s not enough! You face addiction, betrayal trauma and marital challenges every day! A truly effective program MUST be a daily program.


Here’s how I support you on a daily basis—

  • In between counseling sessions, when you face a significant challenge or crisis, you have access to me through a special email portal.

  • During each weekly counseling session, you receive tools, exercises and assignments specifically designed to help you actually implement and live what you’re learning.


  • You have 24/7 access to an online knowledge base where my personal training resources help you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in your marriage.

  • In addition to your weekly counseling session, you also receive a weekly knowledge and training audio from me personally that you can listen to while you drive or exercise.

  • You receive daily inspirational messages and reminders directly related to your recovery and healing.

Schedule a Free Phone Consultation

Everything can sound great and make perfect sense during a counseling session. But it’s what happens in the trenches of your everyday real life that matters most. That’s why my online program goes far beyond a weekly counseling session. It’s what I know works on a daily basis to help you truly recover and heal. If you’d like to get started with my online counseling program, please click on “Set Up a Phone Consultation with Mark.” We’ll set up a time to talk where I can get to know you, answer your questions and help you decide if this program is the best fit for what you need most to move forward.   

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